Exhibition Rules


(For Contractors and Exhibitors)

1. General regulations on construction:

  • Time to transport all equipment, tools and tools for construction: 9:00 - 16:00 on June 18, 2024 for exhibitors and from 08:00 to 18:00 on June 17-18, 2024 for contractors ( self-designed booth construction unit)
  • Exhibition opening time: from 9:00-17:00, June 19-21, 2024 and from 9:00 to 16:00, June 21, 2024
  • Time to remove the stall: from 16:00-19:00, June 21, 2024
  • Provide a list of employees/contractors entering the booth construction 3 days before the exhibition
  • When putting materials, equipment, sound and light into construction and installation, there must be a registration for declaration of temporary import according to the form of the security department.
  • Employees/contractors entering the construction site remember to bring their ID card, contact the security guard to get the control card when entering the construction site and during the working process at the exhibition.
  • The electrical system brought in must ensure electrical safety and fire protection.
  • Do not nail, chisel, spray paint, sand, etc. to deform the walls, ceilings, floors, carpets, structure of the Center.
  • No sawing, cutting (iron, wood), electric welding, stone welding on the lobby, in the lobby.
  • Do not use adhesive tapes with high adhesion to stick on stone floors, glass walls, wooden doors, etc.
  • When construction on the lobby in the lobby, canvas under the equipment and materials must be spread.
  • Do not drag the device on the floor or carpet.
  • Ensure the safety of guests and employees during construction and during the exhibition.
  • The construction unit and the exhibitor are responsible if there is an accident or incident caused by the construction contractor/exhibitor.
  • Floor loads are specified by the building and must be adhered to. However, depending on each specific case, with the consent of the BTC, equipment with a heavier weight than specified will be arranged separately including placing steel boards underneath. BTC will specify a separate time for the shipping unit to bring in goods of large size and weight. Please contact BTC for details
  • Exhibitors are also responsible for compliance with the regulations of the staging contractors.
  • Decorate and arrange tables and chairs within the area of ​​their booth, not encroaching on the common area and area of ​​other partners.
  • Distributing leaflets, gifts, etc. within the booth of the unit you have rented, without encroaching on the common space of the exhibition as well as that of other partners.
  • Do not compete, attract customers, disrupt the exhibition order
  • Pets & smelling food are not allowed inside the exhibition area

2. Regulations on fire prevention and fighting:

  • Do not arbitrarily connect electrical equipment to the existing power source of the Exhibition Center, if there is a need to use more electricity, please contact the Organizing Committee or security for instructions.
  • Do not use conductors with peeling plastic insulation, power distribution devices that do not meet only fire safety standards for connection.
  • The necessary materials to make the event program, with a high risk of fire and explosion such as (ice, cold N2 smoke, etc.) the construction unit must commit and ensure fire safety to be allowed to bring in.
  • Remove unused materials and equipment before the exhibition time, to prevent fire and explosion and not to allow materials and goods to obstruct the aisles and exits.
  • The operation of machinery must use specialized safety devices. These devices can only be disassembled when the machine has been powered off.
  • Operating machinery must be located at a safe distance from visitors. We encourage companies to arrange security guards at these positions.
  • All pressure vessels or equipment subject to high pressure must comply with safety regulations and standards. All equipment will have to be tested before being put into operation.
  • All electric motors, motors and machinery must ensure fire and explosion regulations.

3.Security regulations:

  • Wear serious pants and shirt, do not wear shorts, close-fitting T-shirts, and do not wear hats in the exhibition area
  • People who drink beer, use stimulants will not be allowed to enter the exhibition area, do not bring smoke in the exhibition hall area.
  • Do not bring inflammables, explosives, weapons, cigarettes into the exhibition area. Except for the construction materials with the approval of the security and technical staff of the Organizing Committee, they can be brought in.
  • The Organizing Committee and the Exhibition Center will be responsible for the overall security throughout the exhibition. Exhibitors will not be allowed to stay after the specified hours.
  • For high-value equipment or exhibits, exhibitors should hire their own security service. Please note that no exhibitor staff are allowed to stay after the show hours.
  • For security and safety reasons, the display equipment and goods must not be moved out of the exhibition hall during the exhibition period.
  • Exhibitors must wear a valid ID card
  • Do not lead strangers into the construction site
  • Follow the instructions and handling of the security guard.

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